Our Services

We display the state of the art of artificial intelligence and we give value to your data in the process


We use our predictive models to deploy precision medicine

Diagnostic Support

Our system of automatic analysis of medical tests based on deep learning supposes a support to the clinical practice


As specialists in the application of artificial intelligence in medical fields we expand the potential of your research


We apply our predictive models to reduce risk in decision making.

Business Intelligence

Optimize your business strategies giving value to the data you have, using artificial intelligence

Predictive Models

As the spearhead of the state of the art in artificial intelligence, predictive models allow us to give value to your data.

Our Team

We are professionals with a long career that, nevertheless, we know that technology must always be reinvented from scratch

Jose Antonio Jimenez

Chief Executive Officer

Alfonso De La Puente

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Daneri

Chief Technology Officer

Candelaria Bernaza


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